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A year later!!

Posted by tggokul on November 10, 2007

Today marks the one year anniversary of this blog.  If I were to have a balanced score card on the performance of this blog, I would need to separate it into four quarters.

The first two quarters were phenomenal and I achived what I wanted to achieve when I started this blog. Read more, learn more about the thought leaders and look at a path in attaining that status. I did not do much justice to this blog the subsequent two quarters and it speaks volumes that my most read posts are the ones I wrote in the first half.

Honestly speaking, being busy is not an excuse. Saunders writes regularly and he is the CEO for crying out loud. Though I would like to believe that I can get back to the ways of regular blogging, the enormous work load I am carrying right now speaks otherwise. I have stopped guest posting in Garrett’s blog as well because of this workload.I have not done justice to the Telecom Professionals Group as well for sometime.

I met a lot of people thanks to this blog and the highest point was a guy whom I interviewed for an opening in my company knew me from my blog ūüôā

So I am going to give myself a A during the first half and a D during the second half and overall a C+ for the year. Have a long way to go!!!


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RealityTV : Hunt for the Next Killer App

Posted by tggokul on February 13, 2007

Forget Americal idol,¬†forget “Search for the Next Supermodel”, I think the reality show I would want to watch¬†is “Worldwide search for the next killer App”. Ofcourse, the problem would be just a few hundred geeks including yours truly would watch the show.

Seriously though, I am tired of people all over the world talking about killer applications that would change the face of the world, yet do nothing about it. I, for one, have come to the conclusion that there are no killer apps left in the world, unless you can teleport yourself over IP!!! If you can’t do that, don’t talk about Killer Apps anymore. Voice/Video was the last killer app.

So why am I writing this now? Phoneboy’s post on why VoIP harware was boring and Aswath’s response on the same stimulated me to write this. Though I agree with Aswath that it is not exactly boring and a whole lot of things can still be done, I also tend to agree with Phoneboy in the sense the perception about VoIP hardware has definitely changed.¬†Gone are the days when they¬†elicitied the “oohhs” and the¬†“aahhs” Not any more.¬†Though it is mostly¬†not the case,¬†most of the “new” stuff ‘appear’ as if they are all the same. That is the perception I am talking about.

Which makes me wonder, all the supposedly new VoIP software more or less look the same as well. They are not the same, I know, because I have been in this field for some time and can appreciate the subtle variations and the feature set that accompanies it. But the majority just see it as yet another service. ( I am not being condescending here. I am just viewing the opinions expressed by others)¬†Question is, will this perception make VoIP software boring as well? At the same time, ‘Boring’ is not necessarily a bad thing. Routers and Switches are boring ( hey, I am a voice guy and I will always talk trash about data), but the last time I checked Cisco was doing just fine!!!

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