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It’s a Sony

Posted by tggokul on November 14, 2006

I have a Sony laptop (VAIO), a Sony PDA (CLIE), a Sony music system, a Sony TV, a Sony CD player and a Sony headphone. I guess that would make me a primary member of the “Sony Rocks” cult. Just like any other crazy cult member, I do not see reason when somebody says anything bad about Sony. After all, ‘It’s a Sony’. So I was kind of caught in the middle when Wagner James Au ,one of the writers in GigaOM, whom I admire a lot, wrote about the Impending Doom of Sony’s PS3. Even though what Wagner said about PS3 was right to the word, I was distraught like I would be when somebody said something about my kin. Sony is after all family. At the same time the smart guy Wagner is, he knew crazy blokes (like me) would crop up and hence said

Then again, maybe Playstation has such powerful brand loyalty, millions of gamers will miraculously rise up next week to acclaim the PS3, despite the high cost.

And did we miraculously rise up or what.  According to the report in TheStreet.com Sony sold all the pieces and demand has outpaced supply.  It says

Video-game fanatics have been queuing up outside stores in Japan to be among the first to get the PS3.

I was not one of them, but I could be.  This is Brand loyalty at its best. Sony surely has redefined entertainment in the past and I hope that their innovations continue. I still have not got the copy of PS3 ( Not yet released in India, though I am sure the pirated versions are out) and I will post my initial reactions on that when I get it.

Until then, chant after me ‘Sony rules’, ‘Sony Rules’


3 Responses to “It’s a Sony”

  1. Vijay said

    Sony Rules.

    That said, they have a competitor quite close on their heels. When it comes to the gaming station, I am not sure if i’d go for a Xbox or for a PS3. They both seem equally impressive. We’ll see how the cards play out.


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  3. […] here in India ( if at all it does) and till then nano shall enjoy the spotlight ( My other Sony products are a little jealous […]

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