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Other Way Round : Feedback

Posted by tggokul on November 14, 2006

I have had some very positive feedback on my earlier Blog “Other Way Round”. So thank you all for that. I got to read more about Voice 3.0,Web 3.0, semantic web and all that and has Vijay has posted in his comments, this is all from a Web point of view. If the telecom guys collaborate in this effort. I believe the end user will benefit much more. I might be biased towards the telecom community ( being a part of that), but my honest opinion is that the Telecom guys have much more knowledge on what an ordinary man needs than the web guys. It is  because they have been around for more time and nothing else.

On the same note, I am a novice when it comes to Web technologies and so am interacting with some friends who are proficient in this area to hear their side of the story. I am looking to get atleast one of them to write a guest blog here.

We are just warming up here.


2 Responses to “Other Way Round : Feedback”

  1. Vijay said

    Well, I would agree with you on some and disagree on another. The Telecom sector has a very strong knowledge base. That said, they also didnt have to undergo any changes at all for almost a century or more, which makes them a bit weak on their knees when they hear about usability concerns and building products from the scratch in revolutionary ways. Its in some way a discussion about older generation vs. newer generation… the older ones are wiser, slow to react, and are knowledgeable, but are also entangled in the past, whereas the newer ones are creative, think a tad bit out of the box and can also lose sight of what is important sometimes. You need a balance of both, is what i’ll say.

    And oh, I clubbed you as part of the older generation 🙂

  2. tggokul said

    Well, in the Telecom industry’s defense, they probably saw a lot of these upstarts rise and fall and they probably got cynical. And the new age telcom sector ( I am including Google as part of that as well) seem to be doing much better.

    And yes, I am part of this new age telecom sector

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