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Blackberry crap… The saga continues…

Posted by tggokul on August 24, 2009

My problem with blackberry still continues though it is more than a week that I first reported a problem. Not a single person has responded to my problem. I have called into their contact center three times already and everytime I have escalated it to a supervisor who has escalated it internally (or that is what they claim), but I still don’t have an engineer visit me.

The supervisor I talked to today has promised that his notes say that the engineer will visit me for sure tomorrow and if I don’t hear from them I am cancelling my data plan and throwing my blackberry into the sea. This is crazy shit which I did not expect from Airtel or Blackberry. I have been truly driven to the brink of desperation and I truly feel helpless. I only wish someday I can return this favour to both these incompetent entities.


2 Responses to “Blackberry crap… The saga continues…”

  1. Vijay said


    Would it not be easier to take it to one of the service centers and get it fixed ? I am sure there is at least one service center in Chennai (assuming you are residing in Chennai). I know this is not what you have signed up for, but hey c’est la vie !

    On a side note, how is the Airtel data plan ?

  2. Carlos Seiji said

    hi, tggokul.
    Sorry for send my message out of topic.
    I have to develop a dialer with cisco jtapi, but i’m new with telephony.
    Do you have something to help me to start with this?
    If you have something, can you send me to e-mail cseijiy@yahoo.com.br?

    Thank you.

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