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Blackberry Service Sucks

Posted by tggokul on August 20, 2009

It is not even a year since I bought my Blackberry curve and let me be honest, I loved it. But not anymore. Thanks to the crappy service Blackberry offers here in India.

So 4 days before (Monday), I have a problem with the scroll button on my blackberry, the problem is I can go down, right, left but can’t scroll up. And any blackberry user would know that is as good as not having a phone. For others, think of it this way. You are reading through a message and you want to go up, but can’t!!!!

So I call up their customer (dis) service 7070 and I get a representative who raises a ticket and promises me that a person will handle this in the next 24 hrs. So I wait for a day and a dude from a local service center calls me (This is Tuesday) and says he has got my ticket and he will send me a local guy the next day!! (Wednesday) Brilliant, I think. He has fulfilled his SLA of the 24 hrs but at the same time has not fixed my problem. And this is here it gets better. He asks me about the problem and I tell him the scross is not working and he is like, yeah thats is a common problem and to be honest Blackberry is not a good product in a polluted country like India!!! Wow, so much for the confidence. Anyway he promises me to send an engineer the next day morning.

I wait, wait and wait.. nobody turns up Wednesday morning and so I call them up Thursday morning (same 7070) and the apologetic representative says, our records show that he must have been there Wednesday morning and I was like that makes two of us!! Anyway she promises to send me a person asap.

So Thursday afternoon, I am in meetings and a technical guy turns up at my office without even giving me a heads-up. Had he called to find out whether I was available I would given him a suitable time. But after all customers are the idiots and the vendors are kings, right!! So he turns up and calls me a hundred times. I didn’t pick up and then he SMSes me that he is there and I need to meet him. I told him that I am in a meeting and its going to take me time.So fifteen minutes later, he calls me again and then smses that he has other things to do and can’t wait and f**** leaves!!!!

I can’t believe that here I am paying so much first of all for a piece of crap which “is not suited for Indian conditions” and then month on month paying a hell lot as data charges and then being told by a technician that I have to wait more. I only wish I can do such things to my customers. I would have lost my job the next day.

So I call up “7070” and I tell them this and they are like we will escalate it. I said I want to escalate it and they say, well our systems don’t allow that. We can have a guy come and meet you tomorrow. Only thing, I am travelling tomorrow, so I have asked for a technician on Saturday!!

I am extremely disappointed and I swear to god I am going to throw away this piece of crap at the first instance and have a Nokia 1100. Never had problems with that ever. This is getting extremely frustrating. If any of you guys are in India and are planning to buy Blackberry, you might want to think twice. Their service sucks and from what I hear there are not a whole lot of service centers in India.


3 Responses to “Blackberry Service Sucks”

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  2. Raja said

    i have nokia e71, keypad got ruined and had to fix it with 1 month delay, then i was thinking i should have gone for blackberry… hmm… sounds like its same everywhere!!!

  3. DCC said

    The quality of the BB units are getting worst. Cheaper compared to older units.

    If you look at my curve, looks like it went through a war zone.

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