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Am Back

Posted by tggokul on May 15, 2008

Am back after a tiring yet very productive two week visit. I did not get a chance to go anywhere and was in Princeton for most parts of the two weeks. I had a chance to visit Londin during Transit and though the transportation ( Tube, Trains, Buses) looks overwhelming at the beginning, it actual is a very simple system and easy to understand.

Needless to say, I still prefer US over Europe and the casual attitude of the Americans never cease to amaze me. Krisy Creme and Dunkin Donuts still rock and Best Buy/Staples are as cool as ever ( wow, does that make me nerdy?) and Telecom Service providers are as closed as ever 🙂

I did not buy anything fancy other than a Sony Headset and am pretty impressed with it already. I was itching to buy an iPhone but considering it is still not supported officially in India, I had to let it pass. I am hearing that Sep 1st, Airtel is going to support it, but then haven’t they been saying this for like a gazillion years already.

Oh,oh, before I forget, I learnt poker and am already hooked. Lost some money, but hey who cares. It is all part of getting the “007” Persona 🙂

Now back to serious work.


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