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What is Gokul doing in a SOA meet?

Posted by tggokul on February 28, 2008

Some of you might know that I am not exactly a fan of web services companies and also that terms like SOA/SAAS are all just new terminologies to dupe the innocent public.

So trust me, when I was nominated to go to a SOA seminar for two days (today and tomorrow), there was a lot skepticism from my side. But though I am not convinced enough to be forced into the dark side, I am convinced enough about SOA to atleast spare a second thought to it.

My initial thoughts of this being old wine in a new bottle is still valid, but I appreciate the effort to package it in a bottle that would be accepted by the Business guys as well and not restricted to the techies. I am a huge fans of APIs and SOA fits right into that.

Btw couple of my colleagues have patented the right to the new expansion of the SOAP protocol. According to them it is SOA Protocol 🙂 So if you are using that, you can be sued by Gopinath Bailur and Kamesh ( Guys, I gave you the credit. So quit complaining now 🙂 )


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