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Express Computers

Posted by tggokul on November 29, 2007

I have been seeing the interest in my Cisco posts rise considerably over the months. They are one of the top read posts and though I don’t claim to be an expert in Cisco, I think I can say beyond reasonable doubt what they are trying to acheive in the UC space ( There was an interesting debate going around what UC is all about and is it really worth the hype. Will post about that at a later date)

Anyway, one of my readers who works for Express Computers mailed me giving a brief of Express Computers and I am posting it so that it would help people looking for Cisco gear at a good price.

Express Computer Systems is based out of Irvine, Ca and has been a used
networking hardware reseller since 1993.  For over 13 years they have provided hardware solutions to IT Managers, Universities, and Enterprise Companies worldwide specializing in the Used Cisco aftermarket carrying over 2 million  dollars of on-hand inventory.  Express Computers employs CCNA certified in-house technicians that  test every piece of equipment for sale.

Sounds good to me and if there is something you guys need, these guys might be able to help you.


One Response to “Express Computers”

  1. anonymous said

    There are many such companies.

    Typically Cisco works with one of them depending on the region where the UC solution is being sold to ensure minimal hardship for the customer during a “rip and replace” cycle.

    Cisco does support Hybrid models but essentially the game it is playing is “rip and replace” a.k.a safe migration.

    Companies like Express help take out the old gear and make space for the new. Very typical in Call Centers as well. Avaya actually played this game by itself. Their global services used to offload old equipment from Western countries and resell it in 3rd world countries or use it to setup newer outsourced call centers with old equipment. Cisco is smarter and let’s partners do this work.

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