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Have some more modesty, Mr.Google!

Posted by tggokul on November 10, 2007

I got a call the other day from HR dept of Google for a job opening. She started of with “We have a job opening  in Google”. Since I was not looking for a change currently, I was very polite and said “Sorry,I am not interested in a change. Thanks for calling”.

That is when she went ballistic. A smarter person would have said “Thats fine. But can you atleast hear us out and see whether that interests you. This is the profile etc etc etc”. Not her. She went off saying “But Gokul, this is Google we are talking about”. She had that  incredulous tone that somebody would actually be stupid enough to actually shove off Google. I was still polite and said ‘Yes, I am aware but as I said before I am not interested”.

She became now plain rude “This is the kind of opportunity people wait all their lives for. A call from Google and you are saying such a thing”. That is when I said “Not if people like you are there”. She slammed the phone on me. I am pretty sure my resume would be in the “black-listed” zone. Guys in google, can you verify that for me? 🙂

Now, I have tremendous respect for Google and I wouldn’t mind working there someday, but this kind of high handedness reminds me of the high pedestal days of Microsoft a few years ago.  Expecting people to drop all their work for their beck and call is just plain egoistic and though I am sure these people form a small percentage of the working force in Google, these guys have to be uprooted fast, lest they become the very obstacle for innovation.


One Response to “Have some more modesty, Mr.Google!”

  1. I have it from a friend working in Google, India, that their HR is not really a great bunch…

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