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Is Telecom for everybody?

Posted by tggokul on October 1, 2007

News is that, lot of companies with different backgorunds have expressed their interest now that the DoT ( Department of Telecommunications in India) has decided to open up some frequencies for private players.

These companies are from domains like real-estate, retail even cement industry. Which begs me to ask the question. Can anybody with money become a Telecom provider. Now that companies like Airtel have shown the way by outsourcing the entire technical aspects of the business to professionals like IBM, is that the way we are going to see every other Telecom provider take? Throw in loads of money, have System Integrators like IBM do managed services and you just take your percentages.

You don’t require to be in the Telecom business for years/decades like it used to be. The entry barrier is just about money now. Which leads to another interesting question. Will all businesses become that way? All you need is cash and you just let the IBMs of the world run the show for you. Are we going to see the day when there are no more specialized companies but just SIs? Questions to ponder over.

One Response to “Is Telecom for everybody?”

  1. Vijay said

    It appears that Telecom is no different an investment as investments come by. It is like an investor investing his/her money in a company that is run by someone else. The only difference here is that the company is owned by the investor (and the daily operation is outsourced). In either case, the investor invests irrespective of the source of money for the investment. In the same vein, how did Reliance telecom finance their radio spectrum ? Are oil refiners and garment manufacturers exceptions ?

    On a lighter note,
    as a corollary, do we have to be in real estate to buy and sell houses ? 🙂 We still outsource maintenance for hired help don’t we ?

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