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Be professional!!!

Posted by tggokul on September 18, 2007

Ok, this is not going to be the usual blog on technology but just a platform for me to vent my anger on a few things that have been bothering me for sometime now. I am in Dubai international airport on Wifi and I think this is the time for me to write what I have been feeling all these years.

People have to grow up: I believe people are becoming less mature as generations go by. My dad was more mature at my age than I am, and my grand dad even more. Atleast from the professional point of view. My dad did not go to work everyday expecting somebody to praise him and he was doing what he had to do ( And trust me, he was pretty good at it) because that was his job. As I see today’s corporate world, everything has to be appreciated. “We got a project whoohoo we are the best sales team”, “We delivered a module that makes up 3% of the project, whoohoo we are the greatest”. “We all went to the loo. Whoohoo, nobody takes a leak like we do”.

I am not against praises; it makes people do better, no doubt. But come on, praises every day is just too much. I am at that point of life where praises irriate me and I look forward to criticism ( genuine though). I am a professional; I am getting money for what I do. That alone should be motivation enough. I don’t need pep talks from my bosses. As one VP I worked for, used to say, “You are not dumb college football kids who needs to be motivated by their coach to play. You are a professional. Expect to be treated like one”. No truer words were spoken.

Working nine hours a day is what you are expected to do. Another two hours for a few days is not something you need to complain about. Would you accept it if your doctor refuses to attend to your critical problem because he has done his nine hours of work? So what is the problem if you do? And while we are in this subject, “No, you are not under a whole lot of pressure”. Nobody dies if your SQL Query did not return the right values; Nobody died because the accounts are not tallying; Nobody died because there was a 3 second delay in voice. Please stop giving too much importance to yourself. “I am under a lot of pressure” should be a restricted phrase for few professions.

Bottom line is I don’t need a coach, I need a boss. If I wanted a coach I would have been in the NFL already. OK, I have said it now. There ends my rant!!!


One Response to “Be professional!!!”

  1. smartfool said

    Well, I do agree with you on the whole praise emails that flow by when people do what they get paid to do. It does get to me at times.

    I like when praises happens in $$$$ or in stocks – seriously, that is recognition for me. In my previous job, my manager (I am my own boss btw 🙂 ) always had great words of praise since I was a top performer but was unable to execute beyond words because of the company system. (he is a good guy and we are still in good terms). In the initial few years I was on top of the world reading through my review but slowly it changed to “Show me the money” the Cuba gooding junior of Jerry Maguire types.

    I am still an IC – so this whole mgmt thing is still foreign to me. But as I understand, different folks have different pressure points – some work harder with praise, some work due to critism, some work for position and most work for the $$$. An interesting read is a section in the Sunday morning quarterback authored by Phil Sims. http://www.amazon.com/Sunday-Morning-Quarterback-Strategies-Football/dp/0060734272#sipbody

    Apparently when Phil thought he had a great game (guess it was a later stage of the season) and was top of the world. The Tuna came by and told him ‘It was ok’ and was leaving. Phil was furious and told him ‘ I have done so well – is this all you have to say’. Tuna replied – ‘Son, I thought you had a much higher bar for yourself’ and left. Phil went back and fought harder and the NY giants won the super bowl that year 🙂

    Buddy, you seem to be the Phil type but hang won, you got to apply the pressure points to different folks differently. JUst setup a rule in outlook based on words ‘great job’, ‘super sale’ and redirect the email to a diff folder. and btw, are’nt you THE BOSS, already? 😉

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