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Nortel’s take on Cisco-Microsoft Partnership

Posted by tggokul on September 5, 2007

Tehrani has posted Nortel’s Tony Rybczynski reaction on Microsoft-Cisco partnership. What it tells me is that Nortel is not concerned too much about the new found love between Cisco and Microsoft.

It stems from the fact that Steve Ballmer made it very clear that they were on the same page with Nortel and were natural partners. Must have something to do with talks about Microsoft making a bid at Nortel. I predict it’s not going to be too long till we see a formal bid by Microsoft to buy Nortel!!!


3 Responses to “Nortel’s take on Cisco-Microsoft Partnership”

  1. Rick said

    Hey tgg, good blog.

    I don’t take too much out of the press puff the other day. I believe it was a publicity stunt more than anything. There’s too much riding on this UC space and I don’t think either party will make much room for the other. Historically, you can’t trust Microsoft, so why begin now. IMO.

  2. anonymous said

    Another show another PR event.

  3. techwoo said

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