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WordPress Maintenance during the Weekend

Posted by tggokul on August 27, 2007

How many of you were affected by the WordPress maintenance that took place during the weekend? I sure was one of them. When I tried logging into my blog on Saturday all I got was a blank screen and for sometime I actually thought that WordPress was hacked ( like Skype. Yup, I don’t believe in the official release from Skype that Windows update was the root cause. I believe they were hacked)

Half an hour later when I tried to re-login ,I got to my blog page but I got an error saying that Maintenance was going on and things would be normal in 7 mins. My waiting continued and when I went back to my page after 10 mins, I got the message that things would be normal after 20 mins. I didn’t bother checking after that and that evening ( after 4 or five hours), things got back to normal.

Again, on Sunday even though I was able to go to my admin page and do stuff I kept getting messages that maintenance would start in another half hour or something. Needless to say, I shut down my laptop for the weekend. Man, what a liberating feeling that is!!

I don’t see anybody else reporting these in the blogosphere; So I am assuming only a few of us were affected by this. I am trying to think of a  conspiracy theory for this attack against me, but I can’t come up with one sane explanation 🙂

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