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Scope for Innovation in IPv6

Posted by tggokul on August 20, 2007

Vivek has a post on what he thinks are the different areas where companies can innovate when the move to IPv6 happens. A very good read.

I am still very curious to know what will happen to all these NAT traversal techniques like STUN/ICE etc. Never understood why they had to be this complex. Really hope to god that this becomes a little more simplified. But somehow I believe we techies will still find a way to complicate things 🙂

One Response to “Scope for Innovation in IPv6”

  1. Aswath said

    I feel STUN/ICE and even TURN should be added to Apache or something like that. This will simplify life a lot for a lot of people. I might add they are not really that complex. If cascading NATs is not the case, then UPnP will solve the problem without the need for ICE.

    I know the general expectation is that IPv6 will negate the need for NAT. But at many consumer installations, I thought NAT is also being used as a FW. So we may require ICE like routine for FW traversal. That is why I prefer UPnP.

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