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Posted by tggokul on August 12, 2007

I have been hearing a lot about this company of late from atleast two to three sources. They are into the Mobile VoIP space and am interested to know more about their product and solutions. All the information I have about them currently is from their website.

It is very rare to see Telecom product companies in India and I was even more surprised to know that a company making VoIP/IMS suite of products was based out of Bangalore. If you are part of thisĀ organization leave a note here and I will get in touch with you guys.


3 Responses to “PicoMobile”

  1. PicoMobile said


  2. picomobile said

    New website is: http://picomobile.net/customers/index.html

  3. Pradip said

    PicoMobile has been bought over by Marvell Semiconductors. I was the GM India and VP Engineering. Please let me know your interest. I could perhaps help.


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