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Have you Registered for the DNC campaign?

Posted by tggokul on August 11, 2007

Though there are a whole lot of issues where CDMA and GSM operators in India don’t see eye to eye, one thing they plan to colloborate on is to run a campaign to educate their subscribers on the DNC ( Do Not Call) registry. Am I the only one to see the irony here? They are calling people to let them know they won’t be called if they register for DNC 🙂

This registry is supposed to become active in September ( I am a little skeptical of the date because I first heard that it was going to be active as early as April). Call Centers that use Outbound Dialers need to start looking at this database. I know for a fact that Cisco’s Outbound solution caters to this. As a matter of fact, I think any Dialer company that has sold its product in North America would already have this. The companies that might be affected are the ones that cater to just the Indian market ( like for eg. Drishti Solutions)

Anyway I still don’t have information as to how to register for this online. I need to register for this asap. I am done with people offering me great personal loans and credit cards.


One Response to “Have you Registered for the DNC campaign?”

  1. Hi Gokul

    DNC is a current buzz word in india.

    Drishti had partnered with call compliance (www.callcompliance.com) long time back for our clients dialling to the US.

    Amazing thing is we also had a meeting with NIC and proposed a solution on how DNC should be implemented.
    But Sad they still went ahead and dleiver what we have today.

    No automation is possible on current implementation. The only thing one can do is load a filtered list from the website.

    Look at http://www.dncregistry.in (We are supporting this .. Just started)


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