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Put on Mute : The Next person

Posted by tggokul on July 31, 2007

I just figured out what is the most important application I need in my day today life. Putting another person on mute.

Check this out. You are on a conference call ( through a conference bridge). It is a very important call. This is a make or break deal. You and your subordinates are in the bridge taking the call from different locations. You have just about sealed the deal when your subordinate/colleague starts ranting about stuff that you know for a certain fact is going to make things go south. You want to yell at him to stop. But there is no way. He goes ahead and completes saying what he had to say and you are screwed.

How many of you face these problems on a day today basis? I know I do. Unwanted information being divulged out in conference calls. Wouldn’t it be great that by a press of a DTMF you can mute the guy? There are a few challenges here. First thing would be how do you know which caller in the entire bridge to mute, as in what is the identification of each of these people in the conversation.

Now, this surely can’t be done in a TDM world and SHOULD be possible in an IP environment. Is there any mechanism in any of the signalling protocols ( could be SIP/SCCP or anything) to make an endpoint be just in the ‘recv’ mode and not in the ‘send-recv’ mode. Can 3pcc have this kind of control?

As said before, if at all this can be done, it has to be IP. But trust me, I will buy the solution just to have this feature 🙂 Too many goons saying too many things in conference calls is getting on my nerves!!!


4 Responses to “Put on Mute : The Next person”

  1. Aswath said

    Depending on the nature of solution you want there are lots of ways of doing this. In a face to face meeting, one either nudges or stomps on the feet to gain attention of the offending person. To simulate this, I suppose you can require all your subordinates/colleagues to be on a chat session. This way you can have a sidebar discussion and caution the offending person. By the way with this scheme, you can cover PSTN calls as well. There is no need to abandon PSTN; one can easily enhance it with this “out-of-band” signaling. You don’t even need to buy any solution.

    If you are looking for a real product based solution, I thought there are conferencing system that allows the organizer of the conference to control individual legs via a web interface. I don’t remember a specific example. Gaboogie perhaphs?

  2. tggokul said


    Using chat sessions is something we all do today anyways. Problem is lot of times, guys have to take the call from places where they don’t have access. So that pretty much rules that out 🙂


  3. anonymous said

    I think is already done in collaborative solutions like Cisco Meeting Place, Centra (now Saba software) etc.

    The moderator or the organizer of the meeting can mute one of the parties.

  4. tggokul said


    Meeting Place supports this only if it a web colloborated meeting place.


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