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Number Portability

Posted by tggokul on July 30, 2007

Aswath’s take on number portability is a definite read. As he has rightly pointed out, the question is who should own the number. The subscriber or the telephone company. The latter owning the number would lead to problems as in the typical case of SunRocket.

But the problem is no service provider in his right mind would give it to the subscriber. That is against the very nature of the Telco company we have come to see. It is quite a long way for that to happen and even then I don’t think the Telcos that exist today would take a step in this direction. Upstarts like ‘Google Telecom’ ( yup, I am one of those who believe sooner or later they will enter the Service provider market in a big way) would probably be the first to do this and force the hands of the other telcos.

Speaking from a Technology perspective, I still have not seen the ENUM movement garnering enough support for this to happen. There needs to be a lot of traction and collaboration in this regards for this to become mainstream.


2 Responses to “Number Portability”

  1. Aswath said

    I wrote that post in the context of US regulation. All regulated US PSTN carriers must adhere to Number Portability regulation. It could be against their nature, but they have to. But the VoIP service providers have been skirting this regulation and they are not under that regulation. I think it is in the nature of businesses to hold on to the phone number as a means of holding on to the customers and so this applies to VoIP service providers, ENUM or no ENUM.

  2. tggokul said


    But then, the VoIP companies are all just like the old Telcos and I don’t see them taking an initiative to do something that they are not required to do ( from a regulation point of view).


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