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Proto : First Day Update

Posted by tggokul on July 21, 2007

Am back from Proto.in and first reactions, it is waaaayyy better than the previous edition. Good job guys. They are still some more things you can iron out, but you guys are awesome hosts.

As mentioned before, I was in the technology track ( attended one Business Track as well) and though not a whole lot of stuff on Telecom, there were some interesting presentations as well.

It started off with Rajiv Mangla talking about Rich Internet Applications using Flex and Adob’es product AIR. There were a couple of demos which used Adobe’s solution and it is very evident that Adobe has its eyes ( but then, who isn’t) on the latest craze Web 2.0/Social Networking and the real buzz meshups. The products were Fine Tune ( helps sharing playlists across a social network), Sales Builder. Adobe also has a solution for the handheld devices, Flashlite and a demo using this was shown as well (well, not exactly a demo since the wireless connection was on and off). Good stuff and you can know more about this at their website.

The other interesting news for entrepreurs interested in using Adobe’s solution is Adobe Investments which shall invest in these kind of ventures. You can email india-incubation@adobe.com for further information.

The Product Management Principles session was handled by Siddhardha Govindaraj of Silverstripe Software. It included risks which startups faced and the corrective measures that needs to be taken. Though some of those principles are known to most, there is nothing wrong in re-iterating these and Sidhardha did a good job with that.

Next followed Telecom related presentations. The first was by Madhavan of Servion Global Solutions ( Disclaimer * : I work for them). His presentation broadly outlined the Emerging Technolgies that enable communications in the Enterprise world. And when you talk Next Gen applications, you need to talk Presence and eventually the enabler SIP and that he DID touch upon that. 

Servion is one of the leaders in Call Center Technology and Madhavan gave some insight as to how for better customer service the Enterprise needs to become the Contact Center and how the currently trends seem to suggest this movement. So the contact center as we know it would cease to exist and the enterprise would be doing it. As he famously puts it ‘Contact Center is Dead. Long live the Contact Center’.

Next wa Sanjay Swami from mChek talking about the opportunities in the mobile space. Got to give it to the man. He did not sugar coat the reality. It is one tough segment and he said the risks were enormous. There are lot of avenues for entrepreurship but the risks are quite high as well. Topmost in that list would be the fact that Telecom providers hold the key to your success and knowing the plight of most Telecom startups in the country, it is fair to say that they are tough nuts to crack. He stressed on IP. ( Incidentally both Madhavan and Sanjay emphasized on IP. Madhavan was talking about Internet Protocol and Sanjay was talking about Intellectual Property 🙂 )

As I mentioned above, I attended only one Business Session and it was about effective PR presented by Rohit Agarwal of Techtribe. Alright, I was not a big fan of marketing but let me tell you, Rohit made a lot of sense and my position has slightly shifted. I am now not a fan of ‘dumb’ marketing. But there are very smart agencies which do the PR activities ( I can think of Andy in the VoIP space who runs a very successful PR agency) whose help you would need to succeed in this business. I had a good chat with Rohit after the presentation as well and he has some good stories to say and more I talk with him, more I buy into his theory that Google and Youtube are one in a million case and for the rest you need effective PR to get your message through. Btw he has a very interesting story as to how he left school to take up his first job. If you get a chance to meet him, get him to tell it. You need to hear it from him to be inspired.

So these were the sessions I managed to attend on Day one and I had to skip couple of other Technical presentations ( Atul Chitnis whom I really wanted to hear and Ganesh of Greylock Partners) due to other commitments. It would have been great had the presentations taken place in the scheduled time. Since they were running late by an hour, I had to skip them.

Overall the first day has been pretty eventful. Looking more of these on Day 2 when the real action starts. Twenty two companies will be presenting their pitch and the expectations are surely high. Be sure to check in here to see the list of the companies that will be presenting.


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