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Its’ Proto Time!!!

Posted by tggokul on July 15, 2007

Proto.in is back and is bigger. Another six more days for the second edition and though I am disappointed that not a whole lot of Telecom companies are presenting ( check out the chart in Kiruba’s post), it is still always a good place to meet people.

Last Proto was a major sucess for me personally since I happened to get acquainted with India’s finest brains like Vivek of Unleash Networks and Sachin of Drishti. It is because of people like Vivek the Telecom Professionals Group is taking up some kind of a shape and hopefully I will get to meet more like minded people this time around as well.

The event this time is going to be across two days Saturday and Sunday with top notch professionals in their domain presenting their experiences ( on Saturday). Every slot has got two presentations and am kind of disappointed because in atleast two of the cases, I see interesting presentations at the same time. Could have been better had there been no overlap. But then I am sure the organizers had their reasons for that.

This time around, I don’t plan to blog live. It was very difficult and I couldn’t network with guys. I hope the organizers are going to have video covergae anyways and I hope to post a link to that.

So this is it guys! For all you might know, this might be the last Proto in Chennai for sometime ( The organizers are planning it in other locations for the next editions.). So I am planning to make the best use of it. Hopefully most of you will as well.


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  1. […] by tggokul on July 21st, 2007 And it is about to begin. As mentioned earlier there are going to be two tracks runinng parellely. One focussing on business and one on Technology […]

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