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Two more Days to Go…

Posted by tggokul on June 27, 2007

Just another couple for days for the famed iPhone release. I think the anticipation is much more than any other Summer blockbuster. Got to give it to Apple and Jobs for raising the bar on this one.

I am hearing rumours that some of the Indian cell phone stores ( like Univercell) is going to sell the iphone. This news is still unconfirmed. Anybody have news on this? Which leads me to the next question. Can a locked phone like iphone ( locked with AT & T) be used in India? Can I just buy the iphone in US and use it here by using the local SIM? Any ideas on that guys?

Guess I have to wait for Airtel to partner with Apple to use iphone . I would never switch a service provider for iphone. Even though there are no penalties for switching over unlike some western countries, I would never leave Airtel because even though I have had issues in the past with their service, they still are way better compared to others.


5 Responses to “Two more Days to Go…”

  1. Vijay said

    You cannot use the locked phone with a local SIM. You need to unlock it first. Since this is a software lock, you could get it unlocked by AT&T or you could crack it. I would recommend waiting for the next generation of this phone, for it is rumored to support 3G networks and wait for Apple to fix the glitches on this one. (My friend who works in Apple says that people are hard at work on v2.0 )

    WSJ review http://www.appleiphonereview.com/iphone-videos/iphone-keyboard-a-non-issue-says-wall-street-journal/

  2. AT&T has always refused and will continue to refuse to unlock or provide the unlock codes for any cellphone purchased through them. The only operator I found in the US that behaved when it came to unlocking phones is T-Mobile.

    I’d go with what Vijay says on waiting for the next version that Apple would release in Asia.

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  5. Woke said

    Yes and it has some ‘hidden’ features as well.


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