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Telecom Professionals Group Meeting : Second Edition

Posted by tggokul on June 25, 2007

The second edition of the TPG meet went off fine and some major decisions were taken from an administrative point of view.  It is getting more serious and structured and I see lot of exciting times ahead. The next meeting will happen soon ( I don’t think there will be any more long hiatus from now onwards) to decide the focus of our group and somehow I get the feeling that this is going to be the start of something big.

VoIP as usual was the center of attraction and Ram ( as he has mentioned in his blog remarked we were VoIP heavy 🙂 With more people from diversified backgrounds joining us, I think that will change soon. Ram has posted our group photo in his blog. I am not even going to try to capture what we discussed (on technology). Our discussions travelled through so many domains and you would need to be there to enjoy it.

Hope to see you guys soon for the next meeting.

Update* : Some more pics ( courtesy Vivek)


Vivek (left) and Chandra


Mahesh (left), Ram and Sharma


Venkat(left) and me.


2 Responses to “Telecom Professionals Group Meeting : Second Edition”

  1. Vijay said

    Update the google groups link given that you had written about changing the group’s name in the Minutes of the last meeting 😉


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