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Chennai Telecom Professionals Group Meet

Posted by tggokul on June 18, 2007

The second edition of the Chennai-TPG meet has been scheduled for this Friday at 6.00 p.m. Venue has not been fixed yet. To know more about this group go here.

Anybody in the Telecom space who wants to join, leave a note here and I will provide further details. Hopefully this time around I will summarize the discussed items. From what I see, there are going to be quite a few administrative challenges which we would need to address.

2 Responses to “Chennai Telecom Professionals Group Meet”

  1. Vijay said


    This comment has no bearing on your post. My apologies. Please bear with me.


    An example of how the data pipe can control services. My first research project proposal to AT&T (Cingular) was on efficient VoIP signaling schemes over GPRS/EDGE (over 3 yrs ago) was shot down and I lost funding for a semester 😦 inspite of it being a pure research initiative for efficient signaling over wireless channels. 🙂


  2. jeeva rathore said

    i have done bachelors computer software engineer 4 years
    and MS IT (communication and networking) 2 years

    i m doing job as BSS wireless engineer huawei bahrian

    can i make progress with in telecom industry as bss/nss engineer with my four years degree of software engineering and 2 years IT degree in communication & networking.
    as how can i justify the next employer that i want core network job with computer sofware degree

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