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Bharti Airtel leads the FMC way in India

Posted by tggokul on June 14, 2007

This has been promised for quite sometime now. But finally there is an official announcement that Airtel is going to launch FMC for its subscribers.

Time for me to start looking at dual-use handsets :). Wireless is still not as pervasive in India as much as in other countries and that might be one major reason why FMC might not be a huge hit with the majority. This might be restricted to people working in IT companies, but then again security compliances like BS 7799 might prevent an allout acceptance.

They are promising a rollout by end of the year and hopefully I am looking forward to be one of the early users. ( Airtel is my landline, mobile and broadband provider, So my transition should be pretty seamless). The news item says that Airtel is looking at various initiatives like giving out wireless routers etc. Hey, Airtel people, if any one of you is reading this post let me know how to be part of your early adapters program.


One Response to “Bharti Airtel leads the FMC way in India”

  1. Vijay said

    I don’t understand your fanaticism over FMC. Yes, it enables you to make seamless handover between various radio technologies. If you are permitted to use your wireless router (I assume you have one), for your voice calls from home, yes it helps in bringing down your mobile phone bill. TMobile’s service in the US now supports UMA where you can perform seamless handover to their hotspot service and also your wifi router. But UMA is a dead end.

    But why use Airtel’s service at all ? Why not another a SIP company (Divitas comes to my mind). I mean why do you believe giving up control ? Also I did observe you are working in IMS as well. IMS is a walled garden no ? The radio access will use IP. So seamless transfer across various other radio technologies (like wifi or wimax or phs (japan)) will be less messier. All the control mgmt uses IMS SIP (IETF SIP + a lot of kludgy changes). But the enterprise covers everything. (which is why we call it a walled garden)

    So you are asking me, what am I trying to say ? 🙂 You have mentioned in your “About” page that you desire to become an entrepreneur someday soon. If you are content to have your service provider handing you services in a platter, I wonder what services/product will your company provide (I am of course assuming that you will be starting a voip/ims/telecom related company)

    I could tell what I do. An email is better. I don’t find yours here. Mail me if you get a chance. Would love to be in touch.


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