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An ‘Out of the Office” message… For my phone

Posted by tggokul on June 6, 2007

As most of you are aware I have been travelling for the last three weeks and have been to Singapore and Malaysia. Though I have international roaming enabled for my Indian mobile number, I would rather not use it because of the high tariffs.

So I went ahead and bought local SIMs in Singapore and in Malaysia. This way my phone charges were cheap. One problem though. I have just one phone with me and so if I were using my Singapore SIM ( which has mostly been the case the last three weeks, other than the two days I was in Malaysia), my Indian number is not reachable. I have no problems with that. I don’t think I am losing million dollar deals because I am unreachable on my mobile 🙂

At the same time it would be nice if there was a service by which I could leave ‘Out of the office’ voice messages to people who call in. Just like I would do with my email. This way if somebody were trying to reach me in my Indian mobile number, it would just play a message that I was out of the country and cannot be reached for so many days. They can alternatively email me at abc@xyz.com for immediate attention.

I don’t think any service provider offers such a service. Hopefully the presence based relevance models that companies like iotum are offering would one day lead to applications like these. I am sure there a quite a few of us facing this problem.


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