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Blogging From Malaysia

Posted by tggokul on June 1, 2007

I have been travelling for the last couple of days and was not in Singapore.  Am in Malaysian airport waiting for my flight to take me back to Singapore.

Just realized that the flight has been delayed for another hours. No freaking way!!! It is going to be local time 12.00 midnight before I make it back to Singapore. This sucks!!

Anyway the wireless in Malaysian International is phenomenol. I tried the “Train” experiment ( Yeah, I was early to the airport and had to kill time). In this experiment, I checked whether I get wireless connectivity in the Terminal shuttle ( which carries people from one terminal to another) and the connectivity was brilliant. This did not work in Singapore. Hmmm.  Malaysia Airport Rocks!!

But when it comes to public telephones Singapore rocks.  The local calls from international airport are free in Singapore airport but not in Malaysia. I have a calling card to call other countries and I can’t use it in Malaysia because the phone call ( even to 1800 numbers) are not free and I don’t have Malaysian coins to make this work. This would have been a piece of cake had I been in Singapore airport. I need to get in touch with my wife in India and another colleague in Singapore, but I can’t get through to them.

Overall I love Singapore much more that Malaysia. Guess it is because of the excellent public transportation and less traffic. Malaysia is so crowded that for a minute I thought I was in India.

One Response to “Blogging From Malaysia”

  1. Hanafi said

    I agree with you about the phone.

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