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Don’t Blame VoIP

Posted by tggokul on May 29, 2007

Garrett Smith has a great post on how bad deployments screw up VoIP and how it could have easily been avoided had the customer ( in this case Scott Pinkerton) just done a few things before the actual deployment.

Seriously people, it is not Nuclear Physics ( or is it? The Scott Pinkerton dude actually works with the Nuclear scientists!!!!). Get a UAT system. You most probably are spending quite achunk on this deployment anyways and a few UAT systems will definitely not hurt. It will help you in future installations as well. The sad thing in all this is that when things do not work because of the inadequacies of the customer, they quickly point out that VoIP is not reliable!!!.

Just like Java. People are quick to point out that Java is slow without even understanding that it is not Java’s mistake that one jackass decided to put a certain thread to sleep for 1s inadvertently. Trust me the technologies are all fine. It is usually the implementors who get it wrong!!!

One Response to “Don’t Blame VoIP”

  1. volcker said

    what is a UAT system?


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