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Blogging from Singapore

Posted by tggokul on May 22, 2007

I am in Singapore right now and though it is the first time I am visiting here, I somehow get the feeling that I have already been here before. That might be due to the fact, this place reminds me so much of Tampa ( Florida) and Singaporeans surely are more North America than Asian.

It is not like I have to praise Singapore’s efficient system, trust me, it took 5 minutes from the time I landed in Singapore to get a local SIM and services to dial to India. The calling card I bought was from a local Telecom Provider StarHub and international call rate to India was as low as 18 cents per minute( Singaporean cent). The apartment I am staying has still not be wired for Internet access, but when I turned on the wireless in my laptop, it detected atleast 15 wireless networks!!! Looks like my apartment complex has got some tech savvy people!!

Still have not explored the city and it might be this weekend before I do that.


2 Responses to “Blogging from Singapore”

  1. JDsg said

    Welcome to Singapore.

    …but when I turned on the wireless in my laptop, it detected at least 15 wireless networks!!!

    Just make sure you don’t try to log on to someone else’s network. That’s something that can get you arrested.

  2. tggokul said


    Why would I want to do such a bad thing? 🙂


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