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Six Months Later…

Posted by tggokul on May 10, 2007

It is exactly six months since I started blogging ( Boy, it feels like six years). Though I started blogging as a hobby, at the end of the first week I set certain goals.

1) Write atleast one meaningful post a day : I have done that for than 90% of the times and other than weekends or hectic times ,I have managed to do that.
2) Network around the blog : This was one of the primary goals I had set. Get to know quite a few like minded people because of the blog. I think I have done fairly well on this count. Proto.in coverage was an instant hit and I met a lot of smart guys.
3) Though I did not set it as a goal, one of the pleasant results has been that I have ended up reading more and staying in touch with the latest developments.
4)Getting a chance to guest blog in smithonvoip has been an added bonus.

I did not set Technorati rankings/hits per day as my goals because I don’t see the relevance of these since I don’t intend to make money out of my posts as of now.( I might consider that at a later stage).

Anyway, thanks to each one of you who visit my site and keep providing key inputs to make this blog a better place. Keep them comments coming 🙂

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