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Posted by tggokul on May 9, 2007

The acquisition of Hutch by Vodafone finally got the approval of the Indian government thus putting an end to all the gossip going around that this deal would be nulled due to some irregularities. Quoting from the report

Ending a torturous period of regulatory review, Chidambaram signed off on the deal Friday, sources told Forbes.com. The approval came a week after India’s foreign investment regulatory body cleared the $11.1 billion acquisition by Vodafone(nyse: VODnews people ) of a controlling stake in the fourth-largest Indian cellular service provider. It is the largest foreign investment in the country, which is the fastest growing cellular market in the world.

The questions that were raised was whether this acquisition violated India’s cap on foreign control of telecom companies, but this approval vindicates the Vodafone stand that everything was legal. I heard from some sources that Airtel was looking for some stakes in this venture and it is possible that this delay in approval might have been the result of political wranglings in the background.

But hey, all I care about is whether the service going to be better and will it match Vodafone’s international standards? Will Vodafone drive in the next gen technologies? Hope to get the answers for these soon.


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