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Telecom Meeting in Chennai

Posted by tggokul on May 5, 2007

Twelve of us met together Friday evening for the first Telecom meet in Chennai. It was a blast. Needless to say, there was lot of talk on SIP, IMS et al.

I still can hear the reverberations of some of the conversations. I hope to write a detailed summary sometime this weekend. Vivek of Unleash Networks took some pictures and hopefully he can send it across he has them posted in his blog. ( And, thanks for calling me the VoIP Blogger 🙂 )


3 Responses to “Telecom Meeting in Chennai”

  1. Chennai Telecom Professionals Group

    What’s the most interesting thing about Professionals, and Entrepreneurs? Simple. The drive to get things done, and to be focused on milestones and deliverables. The conversations are always focused towards business opportunities and how to handl…

  2. Vivek said

    I did send the pics to your yahoo id. It probably met with the same fate as some other emails 🙂 Please do go ahead with your summary.

  3. The Harlequin said

    Yep, I’m waiting to read about the proceedings, too. Was battling with temptation to catch a budget flight and hop across to Chennai for your meet.

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