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Is 2007 the year of Resignation?

Posted by tggokul on April 27, 2007

Atleast that is what Thomas F. Anglero thinks. To prove his case he takes the recent departures of the respective CEOs of Orange and Siemens. And I believe he must have some inside information, since he is pretty confident that Telenor’s CEO will join the bandwagon as well. Add Vonage’s recent CEO departure to this as well, and Thomas kind of has a point here.

I have a strong feeling ( and I am sure lot of critics are going to be on my back for this) about another major CEO quitting by the end of this year. None other than Steve Jobs. The backdated stock option is going to get back to bite him and he would be forced to quit.

This might be a good time for him to quit voluntarily (rather than being pushed out)considering that Apple has announced phenomenal quarterly earnings and I am sure he would like to be remembered as a person who brought glory back to Apple, rather than as a person who lead them through a scandal. Now is the right time for him to quit. Though I think he would wait for iPhone’s release and then quit to avoid the zing being taken off from the much awaited iPhone release.


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