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Rendezvous in Chennai

Posted by tggokul on April 26, 2007

Thanks to Vijay’s initiative, some of us who are in the Telecom domain (VoIP, Wimax,IMS name it all) are going to meet to exchange and bounce off some ideas. We have planned it for next weekend (the 4th May weekend) but have not zeroed in on that.

The idea behind this meeting is to delve on the different perspectives each one of us bring to the table. It would be a good start to discuss how the Telecom industry is going to shape up in the future and where the opportunities lie.Hope is, that this will turn out to be a regular thing, and a good foundation for a strong telecom professionals group in Chennai. And trust me, some of the people who have confirmed their presence are quite remarkable people.

If you are passionate about Telecom and you are in Chennai ( or will be in Chennai next week) drop in a note here and we will exchange information as to when and where we plan to meet.


7 Responses to “Rendezvous in Chennai”

  1. The Harlequin said

    Hello Gokul,

    I’d certainly be interested in such a meeting, but I’m in faraway Mumbai. However, I quite like the idea that a group of telecoms professionals are going to meet – hope that happens on a regular basis.

    VoIP, WiMAX and IMS are just some of the technologies that I am interested in, as well as associated with.

    I don’t see right now, how I can make it there, but please keep me informed of what happens. For obvious reasons, I’m using an alias.

    The Harlequin

  2. tggokul said

    Hi Harlequin,

    I hope to post parts of our discussion here. Hopefully that will help.

    Is the email you have provided for entering comments your real one?


  3. The Harlequin said


    Yes. I’m not that paranoid about my privacy. All communications to that mailbox will be delivered, read and replied to.


    The Harlequin

  4. Ravages said

    I am in Madras, but not from any of the fields you’ve mentioned. But can I still attend?

  5. tggokul said

    Hi Ravages,

    We don’t have any issues. But what would be your intent for joining us?


  6. Ravages said

    Among other things, I am interested in a lot of things Chennai. Plus, I’d like to keep up to date on technology, even though I may never have to use that particular technology.

    I also write for the Chennai Metblog, and this would be of interest to my readers.

  7. Madhu said

    Hi Gokul,

    Where’s the meeting gonna be held? Can I attend?


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