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Proto.in : Nominations Invited

Posted by tggokul on April 24, 2007

It is finally out. Official word is that nominations for the second version of Proto.in is being accepted right now. This is the latest release from the organizers of Proto. Go ahead and nominate your company. I was there the last time around and the people you meet, the exposure you get and the smart guys you shake hands with is unbelievable. Here is the release.

We have certainly been a little behind schedule in terms of the nominations opening up. But we decided to do a complete and fulfilling task and rather took the extra time to iron out all the requirements that we will need to make this event a successful one. A lot of effort has gone into talking to the stakeholders of the event in terms of what sort of details they are looking for, and also to make sure that we distribute printed handbooks of the participants at the event for everyone to take home this time. We will be doing our best to make it all come together.

Without further delay, I officially declare the nominations open. The form will be open for the next 45 days, starting today.

If you are not a company, but just want to participate as a delegate or attendee, then do wait for sometime. There is a much exhaustive website coming up soon, which will have all the details and the registration form for the attendees. Registrations for participants will open 45 days before the event. The startups are the core focus of this event and we want to make sure that they get ample support and the concentrated focus of our team to serve them. So I hope and do request the patience of the attendees until then.

If you know of any VCs, Angels or Business Analysts, or Journalists, or Bloggers for that matter wanting to confirm their participation for their event, do get in touch with us via the contact form and we’ll stay in touch.

If you are a company looking at sponsoring the event, do get in touch with the contact person Ravi Shankar, at +91 9444923443. He will make sure that all your queries are answered and the sponsorship spots that are still available.

We do strongly and kindly make a request to all of you. We would like your support in getting the word out to the prospective companies that could benefit out of Proto.in. If you know of any such companies, do let them know and ask them to nominate. If you do keep a blog, we would very much appreciate if you could make a post about proto.in there. If you require a logo of Proto.in, you can download it at

There is no nomination fees for making their entry. But should they be selected as one of the 30 companies that will be on stage, there is a fee of Rs. 10,000, which will go towards covering the cost of the event.

As of now the confirmed VC firms for the event include, Sequoia Capital, Clearstone Ventures, Canaan Partners, NEA-IndoUS Ventures, Gabriel Ventures, Mentor Partners, Ventureast, Silicon Valley Bank, Plus Ventures, Matrix Partners, FootPrint Ventures, Bluerun Ventures etc. (I am sure I did miss a few names here)

We have invited some prominent members of the Industry to be present for the event and help in terms of providing their feedbacks, support and networks. Confirmation on that end have come from Samir Sood, the head of Google India M&A in the region, Sekar Vembu of Vembu Technologies, Ashim Roy of Comat, Subho Ray of IAMAI, Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala of TeNeT, IIT Madras, Sean Blagsvedt of Microsoft Research, and the active participation of TiE.

There has been support from associations such as IAMAI, TiE, TeNeT, ASES (Incubation Cell Network based out of Stanford University), The Knowledge foundation, The Technopreneur Development Division of Malaysia (TeDD), IDA of Singapore and so on. We would like to very much partner with Entrepreneurship development agencies, and with NEN. So if anybody does have contacts, do let us know and we would like to talk to them on this regard.

In the front of Bloggers, we have Richard McManus of Readwriteweb, who has shown steady support for us since the inception of having the idea of taking Proto.in to an asian level, Webyantra run by Amit ranjan, Pluggd.in run by Ashish Sinha, WATblog by Rajiv Dingra who will be covering the event in depth and also being the voice of the companies that will be participating. We are actively looking for a podcaster who can interact with these companies and give a “sneak preview” of what is to come. If you are one, do get in touch with us.

Tariq Krim of Netvibes.com and Chris Messina, an active initiator of open initiatives (such as Barcamp and Open Source), Shel Israel, the author of Naked Conversations and one who is well known as a business coach for companies to make their presentations in DEMO, have expressed interest in attending the event. We are trying to sort out the logistics of having them with us. Vishal Gondal of Indiagames.com will also be present among the crowd.

We are certainly making an attempt to bring a more quality audience this time, and to make professionals, veteran entrepreneurs and well-known technologists as part of the crowd, so that the startups on stage can benefit the most in these two days of participation and networking.

We are looking for partnerships from the Print and Web media side.

This update surely has gotten quite longer than anticipated. I’ll write another update soon, with the rest. In the meantime, do pass the word that the nominations are open.

I would very much like torchbearers in different cities and localities across the country and in the asian region for this event. If you would like to promote this event in your locality, by activities as simple as making an annoucement in your local user group, barcamp, or a poster in your coffee day/barista/second cup, do get in touch with me.

Proto.in is about making India more than just an outsourcing destination. It is a proclamation that there is more to India than meets the eye. it is about supporting and leveraging great ideas and innovation and providing the right contacts, connections and feedback to make dreams a reality. I welcome you to actively be part of that vision, to take it forward – just as you have been so far.

Expressing a warm thank you, from the entire team here at Proto.in (spread across India) for your continued support thus far.

Vijay Anand
Key Organizer – Proto.in


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