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Sonus goes Wireless

Posted by tggokul on March 28, 2007

Sonus has agreed to buy Zynetix Ltd, a wireless technology company for $ 13.2 billion. Sonus’ core business has been to provide infrastructure to carry IP traffic over fixed line and now with this acquisition they will be adding wireless to their portfolio as well.

This is a good move for two reasons. Being just in the wired-line segment makes no sense since a whole lot of carriers around the world are aiming to carry the cellular voice traffic over IP and even the existing wired-line carriers are are looking towards the convergence of wireline and wireless networks. And to enable both these kinds of carriers, it would be mandatory for Sonus to start servicing the wireless operators as well.

From my understanding of Zynetix’s technology, it sure is different from  the commonly used (atleast talked about) dual-band mode i.e you can use the wireless network indoors and the mobile network elsewhere. But the main problem with this is that most of today’s handsets don’t support it. What I believe Zynetix’s technology does is, it amplifies the cellular signal using the ip backbone. A different kind of base stations  (picocells/femtocells) need to be used for this, but the advantage is that you can use your regular mobile device in such a network.

With convergence of networks being the ‘In’ thing these days thanks to IMS and NGN, this would be a great foundation for Sonus to launch its IMS suite. Didn’t I tell you guys before? Sonus is pretty innovative yet under-rated!!!!


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