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Tom, Do you really think we are that crazy?

Posted by tggokul on March 12, 2007

Tom Keating has posted his take on American Idol and the weird voting patterns.

Commenting on how one of the contenders Sanjaya seems to be moving to the next round even though he is bad, Tom says

One last point about Sanjaya. I’m not sure Sanjaya’s nationality, but he looks Indian, so perhaps he is getting Indians, Pakistanis, and others of Southeast Asian descent to vote for him. I have another theory, as well. Indians are especially tech-savvy, (See: IT Outsourcing to India) so perhaps they beat me to the punch and have several Asterisk servers blasting calls to vote for Sanjaya. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

I am Indian ,reasonably tech savvy and I sure know how to use an Asterisk server. But I wouldn’t in my wildest dream use that to get some pinhead to the next round ( Disclaimer* : I hate American Idol and hate Sanjaya for being a contestant). Now that Tom has given me an idea, I probably should use the Asterisk server to get this kid eliminated 🙂

Seriously though Tom, you really thought we were that crazy? Now if it was the Oscar awards and an Indian movie was selected for ‘Best Foreign Film’, that would be an entirely different matter…. 🙂

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