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Fight for the Indian Mobile Consumer!!

Posted by tggokul on March 12, 2007

There has been a whole lot of press releases from the Indian Mobile service providers today. Vodafone and Idea in separate press releases have committed an investment of atleast $ 2 billion in the next three years.

In response to this, the market leader Airtel has promised to invest atleast $8 billion in the next three years. And they are hoping to own atleast 25% of the market share. The estimated mobile customers by 2010 would be close to 500 million which would mean that Airtel hopes to retain alteast 125 million consumers. Whoosh!!! This is serious subscriber base, and I hope sure lot of companies (application/product oriented companies) would be willing to revenue share with Airtel just to get a tiny fraction of this subscriber base. Nothing gives yourproduct more fillip than saying, hey my product is servicing more than 100 million people. Talk about high performance applications!!!!

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