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Cisco Goes open source with OpenSER

Posted by tggokul on March 11, 2007

Tom Keating reports that Cisco is using OpenSER for building a robust open source SIP Server.

If you are not familiar with OpenSER, it is an open source project which has delivered the fastest/most scalable SIP Server. Last time I tried it, it used to do 1500 cps ( including registration). What is surprising is Cisco going the open source way. I am actually not too surprised with Cisco dropping SCCP and going the SIP route. That is the natural progression for Cisco if it wants to lead the way in Unified Communication. But going open source is a huge step for Cisco. Tom Keating’s report says

Cisco is using OpenSER in Cisco Service Nodes for Linksys One. You can see OpenSER  mentioned on this Cisco web page.

I am still not sure whether Cisco will put this in their Call Manager as well, because that would mean they might have to open source some of the call manager code as well because of GPL licensing); I don’t see that happening for some time 🙂


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