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Vonage loses battle with Verizon!

Posted by tggokul on March 9, 2007

US internet phone provider Vonage has been asked to pay  $US58 million for infringing on three patents owned by Verizon Communications. I am not going into the details ( as to what these infringments were); you can read about those here.

The blogoshpere has been pretty active over this news with Jeff raising a more serious question as to whether innovation will be curbed. I think innovation will not be curbed per se, but it surely will take relatively a longer time for an innovative product to hit the market.

Paul of Gigaom has just stopped short of delivering an eulogy, though I still think there is some more fight left. It is such a shame that such a disruptive innovator has to go down the flames. But they have started a movement and that is what that matters. ( Now, does this sound like an eulogy?)


2 Responses to “Vonage loses battle with Verizon!”

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  2. […] I personally believe that another company is a serious contender. Verizon!!! I believe the whole Vonage-Verizon legal battle is just Verizon’s way of getting Vonage under its fold. Sounds conspiratorial but plausible. […]

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