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Breaking News!!!!!!!! – Old Media bores me to Death

Posted by tggokul on March 9, 2007

Let’s see. What are my different sources of information these days?

1) I subscribe to a national newspaper every day which prides itself on giving accurate information.
2) I get local news TV channels that provide day to day happenings in my city and near-abouts.
3) I get atleast four nation-wide private TV channels that cover the entire nation and some happenings in the world.
4) I have CNN/BBC for my daily dosage of world happenings ( Though in the case of CNN, more US coverage).
5) Then there are the informational channels like Discovery/National Geography/History channels that try to give me some new information every day.
6) Oh not to forget the five sports channels that harp continuously about Cricket/Soccer ( Mind you ESPN is also included in this. Though, ESPN-India has separate programming than ESPN-World).
7)And finally, on-line news sources like Yahoo,  google alerts that guide me cool sites, blogs that cater to my personal and professional needs, Youtube to watch crazy dudes do crazy things etc..

The above are my different sources of information any given day. Now I have tabulated how much time I used to spend in reading/watching the above, say three years ago,  and my current usage now. The first value is the former and the second is the latter.

1) Newspaper – 10 minutes, 5 minutes
2) Local TV channels – 10 minutes, 0 minutes
3) Nation-wide channels – 15 minutes, 5 minutes
4) International channels – 30 minutes, 5 minutes
5) Informational channels – 15 minutes, 0 minutes
6) Sports channels – 60 minutes, 60 minutes
7) On-line – 20 minutes, 60 minutes.

Now it is very obvious that the old media ( sans the sports channels) don’t interest me any more. The truth is what the top five sources offer me is considerably less than what I get on-line. There is a good chance that once the games ( Cricket, NFL) are available on-line, I might never need a TV again.

It is easier to say that new media reaches you faster, hence this shift, but in my case the shift is more because the old media has not recognized what I (and I talk for atleast 20 million here) want. Corrupt politicians don’t interest me; Hurley-Nayar wedding does not interest me, a complete unknown person’s view of Iraq war does not interest me; a Warren Buffet wannabee’s stock tip does not interest me; you get the drift here,right? You remove the above and there goes 99% of old media’s news content.

Now you see why I am bored to death with these guys? I would like to know how much time you all spend to get information from the old media.


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