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BBC-Youtube Deal

Posted by tggokul on March 5, 2007

BBC and Youtube have struck up a deal which heralds the first crossing over from the dark side (old media) to the good side 🙂

BBC arguably is the most respected news broadcaster in the world and this deal is surely going to have a ripple effect across the board. I still remember when I was in the US ( for four years) I was starved of ‘real’  information (even CNN was mediocre and shamefully pro-government) and it got worse during the Iraq war. The school I went to ( University of South Florida at Tampa) had a local TV channel that broad-casted BBC News at night for one hour which turned out to be the only source of legitimate news source for a whole lot of people.

We used to go to BBC website looking for news videos and there were none (remember these were the pre ‘Youtube’ days). This deal is an awesome step in the right direction and no more will we be under the mercy of the local cable operator. ( While we are it a small request to nfl.com. Can you have live telecast the football games online? That would make my day 🙂 )

3 Responses to “BBC-Youtube Deal”

  1. BBC-Youtube Deal

  2. anonymous said

    Yes Gokul

    You should checkout http://www.sopcast.com – Its P2P IPTV. It’s Free now and there is no business model. Don’t click on some unkown and unreadable Channel links – you could end up watching porn – the biggest seller on the internet 🙂

    Good additions to SopCast would be On-Demand movies, sporting events, Podcasts etc.

    I would pay $5 a month to see the european league soccer games in US, International cricket – Ashes series, Champions Trophy etc.

    EU league soccer does not get any coverage in standard channels in US. Same is true with Olympics coverage in US. NBC which has a multi-year contract only shows events where US athletes have won and we miss out on some really good international action.

  3. tggokul said

    Hi Anonymous,

    It is a pretty cool site. Did not get a chance to check out the porn stuff though 🙂

    It is such a pity that even in today’s world we can’t see events that happen around the world in our TV sets. I hope the BBC-Youtube deal spurs into action more such deals and soon everybody can see everything ( for a fee ofcourse).


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