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QoS based Routing in Virtual Call Center

Posted by tggokul on February 28, 2007

As you guys might remember, I had blogged earlier about how QoS based routing would be very useful in a Call Center environment and I had ended the post by saying that I was going to check out Unleash NetworksUnsniff product.

After couple of discussions over phone and a fruitful meeting at Barista, Vivek and I have agreed upon a common framework on which we will get this working. Vivek has been kind enough to tweak Unsniff for this purpose and it is great that he has decided to accommodate us in his busy schedule ( There were a couple of important software releases from Unleash last week).

Vivek also pointed me to Cisco’s Unified Service Manager solution that essentially calculates MoS on a per call basis( kind of what we would need to do a QoS based routing). But from what I read from the specification, it looks like these details are passed to Cisco’s ‘Monitor’ application through proprietary messaging and these details cannot be obtained by a third party application through open APIs. I believe this solution is used more for reporting (raise a flag for corrective action to be taken) rather than for quality assurance. So unsniff as of now looks like the best bet to seamlessly work with our application.

Vivek and I hope to get some kind of integration/testing ( of my application and unsniff) done in our labs pretty soon and I will update you guys as it happens. These are exciting times!!!!


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  1. vivek, wud like to touch base with u-we r trying to be an application partner in CISCO call center/unified messaging platform-and yr inputs wud be important to us.sms me at 09871607767

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