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Curing Stewie!!!

Posted by tggokul on February 23, 2007

In case you are wondering who Stewie is, it’s my personal Sony laptop whom I named after the crazy kid from the cartoon show Family Guy. I always thought my laptop was Machiavellian and ready to take over the world and hence the christening.

But of late, poor stewie has been very sick. It all started when I borrowed a USB stick from my brother (damn him!!!) . Looks like it was infested with the AGOBOT.LH worm and Stewie was hit. The symptoms were like this. Every time I booted up Stewie, there wouldbe a glaring popup that said “There are no disks in the external drive”. And I had to manually cancel that dialog. I have Trend Micro running as well, and it reported that there were six or seven files infected.

If it was just some annoying popup message, I would not have cared too much. But there was more. The CPU was always at 100% and when I ran the taskmanager there was a process called NETSVCS.exe that took 99%. (Sometimes this process did not even allow me to view the taskmanager and I had to reboot it a few times to get that working.) On killing that, Stewie would be temporarily ok but then when I restart, I had to do the same procedure all over again. ( Again there was no guarantee that Iwould get the TaskManager on every reboot)

I thought there would an easy fix and a simple google search would give me the answers. And it did. Symantec presumably had a fix  and I ran it. But no, AGOBOT was so infatuated with Stewie that it just refused to go away. Note * : I was furious with Trend Micro for letting Stewie down in the first place.

Did more googling and found a neat site which threw a lot of light on this Virus and gave a link to guess what; Trend Micro’s site where they have given a fix for this. Truth be told, I was pretty cynical that the fix would work, but hey it just did and now Stewie is back to normal,  thinking of ways to dominate the world 🙂

My faith in Trend Micro has re-blossomed and they are a notch higher in my ranking list over Symantec. I thank you all on behalf of Stewie for the good wishes ( ok, there were none 🙂 )

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