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Cisco-Apple Partnership

Posted by tggokul on February 23, 2007

I had taken a guess on the different avenues where Cisco and Apple could collaborate and ZDNET has a very interesting post on the same.

I had blogged about Cisco’s NAC solution a couple of month ago and the above post by Ryan makes a lot of sense. My only contention is that it might just not be the NAC solution that they would work together on. I believe they would interop on the MARS ((Monitoring,Analysis and Response System) dashboard system as well. If you recall MARS can monitor nodes in the network (need not be a Cisco device) and helps the administrator make decisions on whether there are any non-compliance issues in any of the nodes that is being monitored.

Also, if there are any real-time attacks, MARS has the flexibility to correct the problem if possible or worst case scenario isolate the device. This would work like a charm for Apple which recently faced quite some criticism related to MOAB. Security is a key area for both Cisco and Apple and this surely is one area where we can see some synergies between the two.

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