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Posted by tggokul on February 21, 2007

I had blogged a couple of months earlier about search coupled with user generated content and how the telecom industry can give something back to the web world. Looks lile Jyve does something very similar. I finally got a chance to play around with it briefly today. For people not familiar with this service, it is basically Google search meets Yahoo answers ( I could have said Yahoo search instead of Google, but I am a Google fan).

You can go to this site type a question you want to be answered and you will get the answers from people who are logged in live. I asked “What is VoIP” and nobody replied for some time. Just when I thought that there were no geeks logged in, I got a few answers.

VoIP (voice over IP) is an IP telephony term for a set of facilities used to manage the delivery of voice information over the Internet. Generally voice is carried over connected networks as signals but in an abstraction if we consider voice as data …. it was thought that why could we not carry voice over the IP networks (say internet) and thus the concept of VoIP was born

There is a answer tab as well, where you can go and answer other people’s questions. When I clicked on that tab my question was in the queue with 7 comments( here comments are the answers. So mine had ‘7’ comments).  I can answer any of those questions that are listed ( if I am not logged in, I would be answering these as a ‘guest’).

Looks cool. An option to call/instant message ( through skype) is also provided which is  pretty neat. I can see a lot of the things that can be done to make this service even better.

1) Categorize the answers you are looking for as basic, intermediary and advanced, i.e if I select basic as an option, the guy responding to my question must give me a very simple answer that I can understand, if advanced, he can get into the details
2) The categories in the search page ( IT/Electronics etc) looks very broad. They need to narrow that down.

Overall a nice application and I might actually try this out the next time I don’t get any good answers from Google.


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