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Security Issue in JTAPI.

Posted by tggokul on February 19, 2007

You guys are familiar that I have been playing around with JTAPI of late ( On Cisco platform). Looks like there were some security issues which have been promptly fixed by Cisco.  It looks like you can send a packet to the open server port of the JTAPI gateway to restart the process ( DoS attack).

There were a whole lot of other issues that were fixed as well as reported by ZDNET. Though our Cisco stuff is in a lab environment ( in a LAN without external interfaces) I am still going to go ahead and update the patches where ever it is needed.

Though, the real bugs that directly affect me are the two critical bugs reported on Trend Micro. I use Trend Micro on both my official as well as my personal Sony laptop. ( My Sony is all whacked up and has been infested with viruses and Trend Micro did not catch a single one of them. Not too happy with Trend Micro). This is something I am going to patch up asap. I recommend you guys do the same as well.


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