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Coffee with Vivek : Unleash Networks

Posted by tggokul on February 14, 2007

I finally got together with Vivek of Unleash Networks and Vijay ( in IIT coffee day) and we had a great discussion on VoIP, Network monitoring, Venture capitalists, Telecom etc. It is always a pleasure to meet smart people and bounce of ideas. Thanks to PROTO.in, I have have made some cool contacts including Vivek ( Check out his presentation at PROTO.in). I truly believe this is a major thing lacking in this part of the world. Not too many people who talk just technology and are passionate about it.

We had one interesting conversation on network monitoring and this post is mainly on that. As for the other things we talked about, will post that some other day.Vivek threw up some great ideas that set me thinking on how QoS can be used as a routing factor in next generation call centre technologies. Let me elaborate.

A traditional ACD in a call center environment makes routing decisions based on agent state, availability, skill set etc. This has been the norm all these days in a TDM based Call Center environment. Now throw in IP among the mix. ACD functionality more or less remains the same ( For example there is not a whole lot of difference between Cisco ICM and Avaya’s ACD). Now what is the biggest advantage that IP offers? Mobility!!!! If you extend this advantage to a call center solution, the next generation call center will not have a central infrastructure from where the Agents work out of. The agents can be anywhere in the world and pick up calls. Today QoS is not an issue, because all the agents are in the same enterprise and bandwidth is never an issue. Tomorrow, there are going to be anywhere and everywhere, where you can’t possibly assure QoS.

So we would need to look at an ACD which does routing decisions based on QoS as well. FYI, this is already been done in a VoIP wholesale environment, i.e calls are routed through alternate gateways if QoS on one of them is seen as poor. A similar logic needs to build into an ACD as well. This is where I think the likes of Unleash Network would come into play. If their network monitoring tool could do exactly this and give out meaningful output to the ACD application, we have a winner right there. This would be a good value add for companies like Dhrishti Soft and co. ( Check out Dhristi’s blog when you get a chance)

With Cisco and others looking more and more at mobility, could this be the killer app? For starters I am going to download Unsniff and see what can be done. I believe Unsniff Analyzer gives you an application development platform which can be used. This would be a good chance to check out the ease of use of this platform as well. I will keep you all posted on any developments.

3 Responses to “Coffee with Vivek : Unleash Networks”

  1. Vivek said


    I think the Coffee Day guy was getting ready to kick us out any minute.

    Using a deep packet inspection tool like Unsniff you can track QoS for calls in real time. That is the easy part. The hard part is tying this into the signalling scheme and making sure this solution can scale. Even as just a mechanism for QoS tracking, lawful intercept, or recording, a tool like this could be quite useful.

    I replied to your email with more details.

  2. anonymous said

    can one of you either Gokul or Vivek contact me at rklnshbng@gmail.com

    I have done extensive research on QoS/ latency/jitter and MOS score based call routing for Home agents, virtual agents and distributed contact centers.

  3. […] by tggokul on February 28th, 2007 As you guys might remember, I had blogged earlier about how QoS based routing would be very useful in a Call Center environment and I had […]

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