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Am I better than Gartner?

Posted by tggokul on February 8, 2007

I had griped about the lack of coverage of British Telecom in the Media ( old and new) and finally I saw the first post( other than mine) that talked about BTs acquisition of INS. None other than in Gartner’s official Communications Innovations blog.

I am a tremendous fan of the Gartner reports and the insights they provide. One hand I am happy that I broke this story five days before them, other hand kind of disappointed that Gartner would be this slow. But then better late than never. I can only hope that the story will be picked up by other media outlets as well. It is sad that BT ain’t getting the respect they deserve. Btw, the question that I had posed in my title was just rheotorical. We all know the answer for that..


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