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Cisco,Apple : The Ross-Rachel relationship

Posted by tggokul on February 2, 2007

Looks like Cisco and Apple are trying to work out their differences outside the courtrooms. The terse statement says

Apple and Cisco have agreed to extend the time for Apple to respond to the lawsuit to allow for discussions between the companies with the aim of reaching agreement on trademark rights and interoperability,” the statement reads.

which essentially means, the guys at Apple and Cisco have understood it is not upto their best interests to be fighting each other and see whether they can work on a congenial relationship. The question though is, at what point did the previous negotiation ( before the Steve Jobs presentation) fail and what exactly did Cisco want that Apple could not budge in or vice versa. Maybe Cisco wanted  to be supported on the iphone 🙂

Seriously though, what makes me scratch my head is where could they be a synergy between these two companies? If iphone did have VoIP support, then atleast it might play a role in Cisco’s UC (Unified Communications) solution. Maybe the next version of iphone has it and that is where the interoperability might play a role?

I don’t think Apple ever says “We were on a break’ but it has been such a roller-coaster ride that I have to say this is looking more and more like the Ross-Rachel relationship 🙂


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