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100 Mbps – Does it matter?

Posted by tggokul on February 2, 2007

Jon has blogged about Videotron and Cisco partnering together to provide speeds upto 100Mbps. I heard about this nearly a year before and that beta testing for this was happening ( though at that time I did not know it was Videotron who was the partner. Jon always gets to break these exclusives 🙂 )

Couple of years ago, before the advent of the likes of Youtube, such speeds were not necessary. VoD ( video on demand), Online streaming and Video or IP calls could use these speeds. Considering that currently I am on a ‘broadband’ plan of a grand 512kbps ( For those who didn’t know, I am in India) a 100Mbps connection is a sure upgrade.

But then it is not the speeds that kill me, it is the bandwidth usage that affects me. VoIP Now has a very interesting post on bandwidth usage for Joost. I have similar issues. I get 3GB every month (upload/download) and I get charged exorbitantly for every MB after that. As the post notes, 10 hrs of a Joost call would take upto 1GB. (My broadband provider is Bharti-Airtel)

I have been well within my 3 GB limits all these days and the first problem I faced was when I uploaded the PROTO.in videos. The thirty something videos ate up close to 1.5 GB.

My  point is, yes more speed always helps, but for most of us it is the bandwidth constraint that is an issue.


One Response to “100 Mbps – Does it matter?”

  1. Vivek said


    DOCSIS 3.0 allows you to accomplish this without expensive fiber service. It is really a path breaking specification.

    Unfortunately, cable which I thought would be the ideal platform for broadband in India has not taken off at all. Is it due to some type of control regime ?

    BTW: Did you get my email ? I sent it to your yahoo account.

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